2018-2019 Online Basketball Player Registration - Luther
2018-2019 Fees - $35 Per Child
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Misrepresentation of player's age, address, or school could be grounds for player ineligible to participate in youth basketball.

I hereby grant my child permission to play basketball for Luther Youth Basketball Association (LYBA). I agree to hold harmless the LYBA coaches, assistants, and board against loss or damage for any injury, illness or any other condition arising from their participation in the LYBA. I hereby release, waive and forever discharge the LYBA staff from any claims that may be made by or on the behalf of the participating child relative to their participation in the LYBA program.

I also affirm by typing my name below that I am aware that a copy of the LYBA bylaws, code of ethics, and gymnasium rules are available at the LYBA homepage on the Luther Youth Sports Website (www.LutherYouthSports.com). I agree to read and abide by all rules, bylaws and standards contained therin.

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